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Red Thai Curry with Waylands Beef Cubes

Curries are a firm favourite in our house, I love playing around with different spices and ingredients and we have a massive lemon grass plant thriving in our garden and I just sourced a whole lot of luscious limes, that combo yells “Thai” for me, having the Waylands Beef stewing cubes in my freezer was just the cherry on the top.

For the red Thai curry paste you will need:

1 lemon grass stalk

5 cloves garlic

4 cm fresh ginger root

4 lime leaves

4 red chillies, with or without seeds, depending on how hot you want your curry

1 bunch fresh coriander, roots and all, well washed

2 T tomato paste

2 T coconut oil

3T nutritional yeast, I use this in place of soy sauce or fish sauce and it gives a great rounded “umami” to the curry paste

1/4 cup water


For the rest of the curry:

600g Waylands Beef Stewing Cubes

2 heads of Pak choi or half a small cabbage, shredded

1/2 a cauliflower, chopped into florets

250ml coconut cream, I use the Millac brand in a Tetrapak that I get from my local deli or I make my own.

Coconut oil for cooking

Good salt



Place all of the curry paste ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

Get a heavy based pan or wok nice and hot, so that the oil is just smoking, toss in the beef cubes and brown them well.

Add 1/2 the curry paste and stir continuously, after 5 minutes add the coconut milk, turn down the heat pop on the lid and allow to simmer for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes the meat should be tender, add the vegetables and cook for 5 minutes until just al dente and you’re done.

Serve with Basmati rice cooked in bone broth.




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