My 3yo is practically vegetarian as she only deigns to eat meat (Devs chicken) on a full moon. We're gobsmacked that she ate a whole stick of warthog kabanossi last night...and a whole pork banger tonight!! Please keep up your valuable service of sourcing quality food.
Kim-Marie Davenport
Ok so why did i not hear from Exceptional foods earlier?? OMG.. truly exceptional! 1. Pecan and date tarlets to die for..i had one and stopped myself! 2. Gayleens 500gr choc slab out of this world! 3. Cabanossi awesomeness! Going to make pizzas tonight. Excited! This olive and chillie hummus is heavenly! Yummmmmmmm with corn chips. Thank you!!
Lynette Josias
The corn chips and tortillas are amazing. I've finished my supply and now I wish I got more...
Rochelle Hagglund
The coriander humus is next level!
Valery Zelenyuk
...can not believe the salami is free of all nasties, it's AMAZING!!!
Lezaan Brummer de Kock
The warthog salami is devine & approved by our 5 year old (which says a lot as she is so fussy). Will definitely be buying this again!! Ssssooo yummy on pizza & the best part is that it is not fatty!
Cindy Robertson
The most divine peri peri chicken livers
Debbie Hawtrey
Those pecan tartlets....All gone! Absolutely delish.. I'm addicted!
Nicola Enstrom
These pizzas are becoming more and more regular in our household as the pizzerias we frequent just don't beat them! They're pretty quick and easy too. Our current favourite combination - Warthog Cheese Sausage, green pepper, onion and shitake mushroom - today with some chili for an extra bite!
Michele Azevedo Minnaar
I made cream cheese and chicken taquitos with one of the low carb pizza bases I got from Carol. Just fried in some ghee and rolled up with filling. Was fantastic!
Tracy Horlin
Thank you for my awesome order! And those Lemon Bars... Damn why didn't I get more!? So far everything I have tried is amazing!!! Had pizza yesterday and it was unreal! My son is in love with the burgers. Biggest mistake not buying enough. So glad we bought too many brownies though... that was a great mistake lol!
Lucy Kues
Roasted the chicken pieces tonight. So big they looked like turkey! Really tasty and tender.
Janet Stewart