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There are probably few foods quite as exceptional as lacto fermented sauerkraut. By fermenting a humble cabbage you create something that not only tastes incredible but is amazingly good for you. Just one forkful of sauerkraut delivers the same probiotic wallop of an entire month’s supply of probiotic capsules and an incredible dose of vitamin C to boot.


Debbie Hawtrey, founder of The Ferm, has produced 2 gorgeous sauerkraut varieties, a Ruby, made with red cabbage and dried cranberries and a Blanche which is white cabbage with caraway seeds, both are exciting and delicious in their own special way.


At the Ferm they are also the only commercial producers of Jun kombucha which is made from green tea and raw honey. Kombucha is a refreshing, sparkling probiotic rich drink fermented using a Jun scoby (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts), it is delicately flavoured with seasonal fruits or herbs.

We are so excited to have these fabulous products available at Exceptional Foods!!!!

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